Bring in music, clothing, props, team shirts, hats, sunglasses, your vehicle, pet, or whatever makes you, YOU. This is your time to shine and show off your personality!

Senior Collections include my time and creativity during your session, retouching, online gallery, book, 1 free digital image and print credits. From your online gallery, you can share your favorites on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Senior collection is for one senior. Additional friends and family are welcome to join in for a $10.00 fee for each person.  All sessions include unlimited clothing changes.

What to Expect | Portrait Session Tips | Photographer & Studio
Short and Sweet…$150.00
30 minutes, inside and outside our studio
Proof Book
$50.00 Print Credit
Short session for seniors that have minimal clothing changes and only need a few prints.

Senior Experience…225.00
1 hour, inside and outside our studio
Proof Book
$75.00 Print Credit
Longer session gives a little more variety, more time to change, and more print credits.

My Favorite Place…$270.00

1 Hour at a local location with in 10 miles
Proof Book
$100.00 print credit
 Choose your favorite local place with in 10 miles and we’ll meet you there. Entire session is held at this one location.

Split Session **NEW!…$320.00
2 - 30 minute sessions
2 Separate Dates
Deluxe Hardcover Book
$100.00 PC
2 Locations with in 10 miles
Can’t decide which season to have your portraits done in?  Choose two and we’ll create a beautiful custom deluxe hardcover book with your favorite images.

Designer Session **NEW!...$385.00
1.5 hours at studio and travel to one location with in 10 miles.
Parents Keepsake Book 5x5 hardcover
Best Friend Mini accordion
Senior’s Deluxe Hardcover
You really can customize your session with this package and have beautiful keepsakes to share with your loved ones. (no exchanges for print credits)

Time: 30 minutes… $50.00
Guests: Per Person…$10.00
Retouching: Per Head…$8.00
Mileage: Per Mile each way…$1.00
@ Location: With in 10 miles: $20.00
Proof Book 3x5 or 8x11 $40.00